The orchestra is administered by the executive committee formed by current students of the University of Hong Kong. Members of the current committee are as follows:


Executive Committee

Session XXV (2023-2024)

Executive Committee Session XVIII

From left to right:  1st row: (2), (3);  2nd row: (1);  3rd row: (4), (6);  4th row: (8), (5), (7)

(1) Chairperson:

Tam Lok Man Gordy   BBA(Law)&LLB I

(2) Internal Vice-chairperson:

Lau Ching Tung Natalie   BNurs I

(3) External Vice-chairperson:

Fung Tsoi Ying Sharon  GEBP I

(4) General Secretary:

Chow Ho Lam  BEng I

(5) Financial Secretary:

Tang Wai Chit Jason  BDS I

(6) General Manager:

Kwok Chun Shek Wally  BEng(CS) III

(7) Publications Secretary & Publicity Secretary:

Li Chun Hong Philip  BASc(Design+) I

(8) Social Secretary:

Hou Ho Keung Isaac  BSc(Surv) I

Past Executive Committee (Sessions I-XXIV)