General Enquiries

Union Philharmonic Orchestra, HKUSU

The Hong Kong University Phlharmonic Orchestra
UG 1/F, Composite Building, Pokfulam Road, Hong Kong
Telephone: 9091 5267 (Jonathan Ho )

Support Us!

The Orchestra needs your support! Please call our Chairperson Jonathan Ho(Tel: 9091 5267) or email us to make arrangements.

There are many ways supporting the Orchestra , and to share excitement in our performances:

As a student...

  • if you play any orchestral instrument(s), why not join the orchestra, take part in our performances and enjoy our excitement?
    To join us, contact us via email at
  • do attend our concerts!

As a University organisation/society...

  • you can hire the UPO for an exclusive event!
  • you can hire the UPO to perform in your Inauguration Ceremony!

As a corporation, you are cordially invited to...

  • sponsor an event and bring a higher profile to your company
  • provide your services or products as "sponsorship in kind"
  • hire the UPO for an exclusive event!

No matter who you are,
we would like to invite you to...

  • attend our concerts
  • make a donation!

Please send your comments and suggestions to;
and like our Facebook Page and follow our Instagram!