Session XXI (2019~2020)

Chairperson & Publicity Secretary & Publication Secretary:LAU Jie Ying Katrina BJ 

Internal Vice-chairperson: CHENG Sabine MBBS

External Vice-chairperson: LAW Hoi Yan Stephanie BSc

General Secretary: TSAI Yung Chi Frances BSc

Financial Secretary: AU Ho Hei Anthony BFin(AMPB)

General Manager: CHIU Tsun Hei Austin  BEcon 

Session XX (2018~2019)

Chairperson: Chloe SHUM LLB

Internal Vice-chairperson & General Secretary: Jenny TO MBBS

Financial Secretary & General Manager (II): Curtis FUNG BEng(CivlE)

General Manager (I) & Publicity Secretary: Donald LAW MBBS

Session XIX (2017~2018)

Chairperson: Titus CHEUNG LLB

Internal Vice-chairperson & Marketing Secretary: Tonia KAM BSc

External Vice-chairperson & General Secretary: Kelly CHO BA

Financial Secretary & General Manager: Kinson TUNG BEng(MechE)

Publicity Secretary & Publications Secretary: Ryan CHAN MBBS

Session XVIII (2016~2017)

Chairperson: Tommy LAU BEcon&Fin

Internal Vice-chairperson: Ashley TSE BA 

External Vice-chairperson: Gary CHIK BEng

General Secretary: Nelson MAK MBBS

Financial Secretary & Publicity Secretary: Alex TAI BEng

Marketing Secretary & Alumni and External Affairs Secretary: Sean POON BEng

General Manager I : Louis FAN BEcon&Fin

General Manager II: Ivan CHAN BEng

Publications Secretary & Information Technology Secretary: William LAM BEng



Session XVII (2015~2016)

Chairperson: Cathay AU YEUNG BSc

Internal Vice-chairperson: Celia YANG BSc 

External Vice-chairperson & General Manager II: Michael FUNG BEcon&Fin

General Secretary: Fonnie CHU BA&BEd(LangEd)-Eng

Financial Secretary: Frances FOK BBA(Acc&Fin)

Marketing Secretary & Publicity Secretary: Wendy SHEN BEcon&Fin

General Manager I & Information Technology Secretary: Wilson CHUI BEng(CivE)

Publications Secretary: Jessie LEUNG  BSc(Surveying)



Session XVI (2014~2015)

Chairperson: Veronica CHAN BSocSc

Internal Vice-chairperson & Publications Secretary: Stephanie NG BA

External Vice-chairperson & Marketing Secretary: Charlotte WONG BA

Financial Secretary & Publicity Secretary: CHAN Tsz Wing BBA (Acc&Fin)

General Manager I & Information Technology Secretary: Kelvin WONG BSc

Session XV (2013~2014)

Chairperson: Joyce CHAN BA

Internal Vice-chairperson: Kishi LI BA

External Vice-chairperson: Yeonju LEE LLB

Gerneral Secretary: Chester LEUNG BSc (AC)

Financial Secretary: Aki LAI BBA (Acc&Fin)

Marketing Secretary: Allen LIN BEcon&Fin

General Manager I: Brian CHAN BSc

General Manager II: Francis YIU BSc

Publicity Secretary & Information Technology Secretary: Johnny NG BEng

Publications Secretary: Dongjun SHIN BSocSc

Social Secretary: Daniel LEE BEcon&Fin

Alumni and External Affairs Secretary: Connie SO BA

Session XIV (2012~2013)

Chairperson: Irene SHUM BEcon&Fin

Internal Vice-chairperson: Wendy LIU BSc

External Vice-chairperson: Carrie FAN BNurs

Gerneral Secretary: Justin LO LLB

Financial Secretary: Jevons CHAN BSc (AC)

Marketing Secretary: Angela WONG BBA (Acc&Fin)

General Manager I: Felix TAM BSc

General Manager II: Timothy LAI BEd (Chin)

Publicity Secretary: Jolie YUEN BBA (Law)

Publications Secretary & Information Technology Secretary: Juanita LAW BEcon&Fin

Social Secretary: Michael CHAK BA

External Affairs Secretary: Matthew CHUI BSc (AC)

Session XIII (2011~2012)

Chairperson: Derek LEUNG BEng

Internal Vice-chairperson: Yuki CHAN BEd

External Vice-chairperson & Publicity Secretary: Cindy CHEN BNurs

Gerneral Secretary: Anny ZHENG BBA

Financial Secretary: Ivan Tam BSc

General Manager I: Jimmy LIN BEng

General Manager II: Michael LAW BEng

Publications Secretary: Olivia SU BA

Session XII (2010~2011)

Chairperson: Crist LAU BBA

Internal Vice-chairperson: Rachel KAN BA

External Vice-chairperson & Publicity Secretary: Justin LAM BEng

Financial Secretary & Publications Secretary: Owen YAN BSc

Chief General Manager: Leo LO BEng

Marketing Secretary: Karen MOK BBA

Session XI (2009~2010)

Chairperson & General Manager: Henry LI BSc

Internal Vice-chairperson & Financial Secretary: Kelvin LEE BA

External Vice-chairperson & Marketing Secretary: Warren SUEN BA (AS)

General Secretary: Chloe CHOY LLB

Publicity Secretary & Publications Secretary: Mimi LEUNG BSS

Session X (2008~2009)

Chairperson: Matthew AU BBA (Law)

Internal Vice-chairperson: Sam KAM BSocSc (Govt&Laws)

External Vice-chairperson: Gary ZHOU BSc (Biology)

Financial Secretary: Stella DING BBA (A&F)

Publicity Secretary: Marcus LO MBBS

Session IX (2007~2008)

Chairperson: Dennis CHAN BSocSc

Internal Vice-chairperson: Michelle HO BSc (FNS)

External Vice-chairperson: Venus MAN BSc (Bioinf)

Financial Secretary: Nicloe WONG BSc (APBT)

Publicity Secretary: Clayton YIU BSc (ActuarSc)

Session VIII (2006~2007)

Chairperson: Mark LEE BEng (CivE) - Minor in Economics

Internal Vice-chairperson: Tom LEUNG BEng (CivE)

External Vice-chairperson: Peter LING BEng (CivE-Law)

General Secretary: Celia ZHOU BBA (Law)

Financial Secretary: Monica ZHUANG BSc (Math)

Marketing Secretary: Cowry LAI BCJ

Publicity Secretary: Jenny NGAI LLB

Session VII (2005~2006)

Chairperson: Calvin LUK BDS

Internal Vice-chairperson: Helen FAN BA (AS)

External Vice-chairperson: Jacinta LEE BSc (Bioinf)

General Secretary: Hope LUI BA

Financial Secretary: Joe LEUNG BEng (CivE)

Marketing Secretary: YUEN Hung Kit BA (AS)

General Manager: Hankie CHEUNG BA

Session VI (2004~2005)

Chairperson: Penny CHAN BSc (APBT)

Internal Vice-chairperson: Carmen SIN BA

External Vice-chairperson: Simone YEUNG BA

General Secretary: Emily TSUI LLB

Financial Secretary: LAM Kan Sau BEng (CivE)

Marketing Secretary: Karen CHAN BSc (FNS)

General Manager: Jeffrey CHOY BSS (STAT)

Session V (2003~2004)

Chairperson: CHAN Yum Ji BEng (ME)

Internal Vice-chairperson: Karen HO BEng (CivE)

External Vice-chairperson: Fiona CHEUNG BA

General Secretary: Jessica CHAN LLB

Financial Secretary: Alex LAW BSc (ActuarSc)

General Managers: Paul CHAN BSc (CSIS) / Alexander TANG MBBS

Publications Secretary: Aaron YING MBBS

Session IV (2002~2003)

Chairperson: Elena TANG BSocSc (Govt&Laws)

Internal Vice-chairperson: Eddie LEUNG BEng (InfoE)

General Secretary: Renne CHAN BEcon&Fin

Financial Secretary: Laurance WONG BSc (ActuarSc)

Marketing Secretary: Harry CHAN BBA (IS)

General Managers: Samson LEUNG BEng (ME) / CHOW Sui Ping BEng (CivE)

Publicity Secretary: Kenneth WONG BEng (CivE)

Session III (2001~2002)

Chairperson: Davis YIU BSc (CSIS)

Internal Vice-chairperson: Natalia YU LLB

External Vice-chairperson: CHAN Chi Chung BEd (Eng)

Financial Secretary: Wendy LAM BEcon&Fin

General Manager: Valerie HO BSc (FNS)

Publicity Secretary: Annie LEE BSc (Math)

Publications Secretary: Peggy IP BSc (EnS)

Session II (2000~2001)

Chairperson: Bakky CHENG BA

Internal Vice-chairperson: Evelyn KUONG MBBS

External Vice-chairperson: Herbert THUNG BA (AS)

Financial Secretary: Chris MO BEng (CE)

General Manager: Benny MAN BEng (InfoE)

Session I (1999~2000)

Chairperson: Samuel NG (Jordy) LLB

Internal Vice-chairperson: Casey MAK BA

General Secretary: Yvonne LEUNG LLB

Financial Secretary: Bakky CHENG BA

General Managers: Karen LAU BSc / CHEUNG King Kong MPhil

Marketing Secretary: Rita WONG BA

Publicity Secretary: Kan LEUNG BA

Publications Secretary: Alison LAM BSc

Current Session